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Advance Praise for The Ten Letters

I found the work extremely interesting . . .  The breadth and depth of the presentation is truly impressive.

-Rav Zev Leff
Rav of Moshav Mattisyahu


[This sefer] is written in pure and clear language. There is no doubt in my mind that it will bring great value to anyone who reads it.

-Rav Elimelech HaKohen Retman
Mashgiach, Chevron Yeshiva


Raffi Bilek absorbed his mentor's teachings for many years, and now he has distilled some of them in this wonderful book about the Hebrew alphabet. We are indebted to the author for making this material so accessible.  It is as entertaining as it is amazing. 

-Rabbi Leib Kelemen
Author, Permission to Believe and Permission to Receive


It is the rare sefer that is truly unique, that provides Torah you won't find somewhere else, in some other sefer.  This extraordinary book is one of those rare sefarim.  You won't find the breathtaking Torah in this beautiful work in any other book in your library.  Learn it today and appreciate whole new worlds of Torah insight.

-Rabbi Avraham Peretz Friedman
Author, Setting a Table for Two and Marital Intimacy


My dear friend Raffi Bilek has produced a fascinating work that, I am sure, will open its readers' minds to the depth and beauty of the Torah and of the Hebrew language.

-Rabbi Mordechai Becher
Author, Gateway to Judaism